The article below could be named "The Evolution of a Winemaker"

as printed in the Wallstreet Journal February 2007
Ken Givich never gave much thought to becoming a winemaker. But, seeing that his grandparents on both sides were winemakers, it's not surprising that he wound up becoming one. It's the route he took that's surpris- ing. After earn- ing a master's in bacteriology, Ken began work- ing as a medical microbiologist. But he found life as a lab techni- cian unfulfilling at best. So, with no plan for his future, he resigned. Around that same time Ken began taking wine-making courses. Before long, he was producing a barrel a year. His wine was so well received that he decided to go professional. This time around, Ken had a plan - he sold his condo and borrowed heavily to start his own winery. In 2000, Givich Vineyards was born behind a pledge to avoid harsh chemical processes and, instead, produce wines that reflect their soil, growing conditions and unique varietal composition. Momentum built quickly. And today, his small -batch, fruit-forward wines are receiving tons of press and winning many prestigious awards.   Infiniti car
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